Every detail counts

Handcrafted with meticulous craftsmanship through a process spanning several weeks and involving 150 intricate steps, these leather accessories boast unparalleled quality.

Their timeless design seamlessly merges functionality with uncompromising style, ensuring they maintain dog-friendly features without compromising on their aesthetic appeal.

 Premium Leather Red Dog Harness

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How to wear ?

Minimalist and supremely elegant, the Furri features a discreet buckle and carefully placed holes and clasps for adjusting the length. This design ensures conveniently putting on and taking off, all while maintaining the timeless proportions and versatility inherent in an aesthetic leather harness. It really comes into its own in a quiet luxury, sophisticated outfit. Work with black or grey, and clean, precise lines. Leashes and waste-bag dispensers are a must. The Furri looks exceptionally refined when paired with a leash, complemented by an elegant waste bag dispenser. From poolside parties to wedding banquets, from having high tea to pet-friendly workdays, Furri Accessories are designed to complement various occasions with timeless pieces, capturing unforgettable moments in life.